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How To Choose A Custom Writing Service

Choosing A Custom Writing Service That Will Fit Your Small Business

It’s easier than ever to get overwhelmed by the amount of choice on offer in today’s content writing marketplace. A humble Google search is all it takes to throw up thousands of options, with every one claiming to be the best the Internet has to offer.

If you’re in the market for a custom writing service in the first place, chances are you need help creating reliable, consistently well-performing SEO content in order to spice up your website. Whether that work takes the form of short blog posts or in-depth articles can vary, but the principles for choosing the best content writers for your needs will stay largely the same.

In the following article we’ll be giving a brief rundown on the major criteria you should be looking for with regards to the best custom writing service for your business. Bear in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list, and is best used as a rough guide, rather than as a be-all, end-all Holy Grail-type document.

Plagiarism’s Pretty Important

Quite apart from being an archaic framework used solely for the purpose of weeding out some undergrads from others in academic institutions, plagiarism actually extends to many more walks of life than you may have been aware of.

Any unauthorized use of somebody else’s work, no matter in what circumstances that use occurs, is plagiarism, and can be prosecuted in the legal sense in some cases.

On top of being against the law, plagiarised content is going to wreck your page’s SEO ranking. Google cracks down pretty heavily on duplicate pieces, and the algorithms they put to work detecting repeated instances of the same work are much more sophisticated than most plagiarisers. If there’s even a whiff that a web copywriting company offer plagiarised content, it’s best to stay well away.

Customer Service

How responsive is the service’s customer support team? Are they prompt with the email queries they get, or does the conversation tend to drag on? What about phone service—when you ring them up, does the line ring out or are they pretty quick to pick up on the other end of the line?

With something as nebulous as online content writing, it can be tricky to tell to what degree the company you’ve hired are actually focused on your needs. That’s part of the reason Triple Vowel Content was started in the first place, as it happens.

Whether you go with our services of custom writing services offered by another firm, however, make sure to do your due diligence with regards to customer service. It’s a small investment of time which will pay major dividends later on.


By far the most important aspect of any customized writing service is the extent to which they actually customize the work they produce. It’s not enough to just tailor a few blog posts to your group’s target market—proper services should help to design a brand story, which they can then tell across the various media they’ll be using to make content for you.

Whether it’s Facebook posts, email campaigns, or long-form articles, it’s important that a coherent message is carried on throughout every word that gets written down under your business’s name.

Not only will it impress your visitors, but it’ll live on in their minds as they go about their regular day. And when they come across anything your business produces, it’ll immediately ring a bell, which is a surefire way to increase engagement and to promote a long-lasting business model that builds a base as much as it sells a product.

Price, Price, Price

Pricing is the trickiest aspect of any freelancing business, and custom writing services are no different. What you’re paying for is a lot more than the words that end up on the screen: you’ll be expected to shell out a few more bucks for experience—be that in terms of SEO optimization or a proven track record of happy clients.

There are a few general guidelines which can be good to keep in mind as you go about weighing up whether or not any given custom writing service is a good fit for your business. For example, it’s rare that you’ll have to pay more than 30 cents a word, and if that’s what the company is charging you, you might be best advised looking elsewhere.

On the other hand, a package which feels a little too cheap will undoubtedly end up in disappointment. That old saying continues to hold weight: ‘If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.’ Groups promising 3000-word articles for $15 simply won’t be able to afford writers of sufficient quality to make the investment worth your while.

I’d actually go so far as to say that too cheap is worse than too expensive, since at least with expensive writing packages the service you’re employing has already set high expectations that they’ll have to hit or risk being tarred with bad feedback.


In the final analysis, it’s impossible to identify any one metric which, on its own, will be enough to decide between one custom writing service and another. The best decision—as is usually the case in life—will be one which takes into consideration as many disparate factors as possible, since that’s the only route to guaranteeing that the choice you’re making has been well thought-out.

Whether or not price is more important to you than, say, the responsiveness of any given group is going to be a personal decision, since nobody understands the way your business works as well as you, and as such you’re in a unique position as the person who holds all the cards.

We hope that the above will serve to provide some sort of basic framework through which you’ll be able to weigh up your options and eventually opt for the custom writing service that will provide the best solution to your particular problem.

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